Mei Mei Gold Plus Follow On Formula

 Mei Mei Gold Plus from 6 months is a unique formulation of special ingredients, including Probiotic and Prebiotics. These nutritionally support your baby; digestive and natural immune system. A well supported immune system helps babies requires for healthy growth. Mei Mei Gold Plus also contains omega-3 (DHA,ARA) which may assist your baby’s eye, brain and nerve development.

.Infants over the age of 6 months should be offered foods in addition to this product.




˙Lactose is the main source of carbohydrate in the infant formula.

˙About 90% of the carbohydrate is lactose in Mei Mei Gold plus,the rest of the arbohydrate as oligosaccharides.


˙Lactose function

     - Help CalciumMagnesium absorption.

     - The promotion of intestinal bacteria plexus growth.

- Help defecation.




˙Breast milk contains 13 kinds nucleotides , including AMP, GMP, CMP, IMP, UMP the most important five kinds of nucleotides.

˙Physiological function

    - To promote the growth of intestinal cells, helping nutrients absorption.

    - Conducive to the  intestinal beneficial bacteria growth.


    - To promote growth (heigthweigthhead-circumference).




˙Breast milk contains.

˙Tauine content of infant brain for adults 3~4 times.

˙Help the baby brain  development.

˙Promote the function of the eye.

˙To help the absorption of fat.



˙Natural sources of nutrients.

˙To help development of the retina.

˙Protect the eyes cells, reduce UV damage.



Galacto Oligosaccharides(GOS)

˙Containing GOS in breast milk, can promote bowel movement.

˙Intestinal enzyme don’t break down.

˙Helps calcium absorption.

˙Promote the growth of Bifidus and Lactobacillus,so it is a prebiotics.




˙Inhibition of pathogen growth, strengthening the immune system.

˙Can stimulate the growth of intestinal cells, to help the absorption of nutrients( to promote growth and development).




˙Physiological function

   - The best source of vitamin A.

   - Help the development of the retina.

   - Modulate the immune system.

   - Protect normal cell.


Vitamin C & Iron

˙Adequate vitaminC helps iron absorption.

˙Help the Erythropoiesis cell production and the development of the brain.




˙Calcium:Phosphorous =1.4~1.6:1.

˙To help the growth of teeth and bones.